Timber Selection

Upgrading the fire performance of timber...

As a specifier you may have either already decided to use or are currently considering the use of timber for
your project.

Lonza can upgrade the fire performance of a wide portfolio of timber species to Euroclass B or Euroclass C as required by UK Building Regulations.

Careful consideration of different species characteristics at design stage will ensure the timber species selected meets project requirements.

Download our Dricon treatable species document for more information.


Useful Resources

Further information relating to specific timber characteristics can also be found on the TRADA website.

For further information on timber cladding visit the TDCA website.

RIBA have a series of videos offering guidance to specifier's regarding both concept & technical design when using timber.

Video 1
'Timber Cladding: How Timber Cladding Can Meet your Project and Quality Objectives: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 1' provides guidance regarding timber slection & empahsies the importance of detailing to optimise timber performance through life of build.

Video 2
'Timber Cladding: Concept Design: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 2' covers choosing the right timber for cladding and selecting the right board dimensions and profile.


Video 3
'Timber Cladding: Technical Design: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 4' covers technical details for cavities, structural support and battens, technical details for installing timber cladding, fixing different styles of timber cladding, corner details and British Standards and Building Regulations.

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