Impregnation vs Surface Coating

A comparison of both options...

Lonza Fire Retardant Impregnation treatments vs. Surface Applied FR Coatings

Lonza actively chooses to offer only high pressure impregnation fire treatments ensuring durable, maintenance free fire protection that goes deep within timber cells. Fire rated surface applied coatings are often perceived as a cheaper & quicker alternative but there are potential pitfalls to consider:


cLonza Impregnation treatmentsc

Surface Applied FR Coatings

Controlled factory application with full traceability YES ?
Deep penetration to all faces not just surface application to one face only (as is often the case with site applied fire rated coatings) YES ?
Long term cost effective - no maintenance costs through life of build YES ?
Proven durability in excess of 30 years – designed to last YES ?
Leaves a natural finish to the timber YES ?
Is Euroclass B fire Certification available specific to the individual timber or plywood species selected? YES ?
Assured risk management for client, specifier and contractor YES ?






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