Specification Zone

Lonza Wood Protection has been dedicated to the high quality fire retardant impregnation treatment of timber and plywood used widely in both the commercial and residential sectors in the UK and Europe for over 40 years. Our core ethos is to put long lasting fire protection deep inside the timber cells.

Timber provides endless design opportunities and has a wealth of environmental benefits. If you plan to specify a fire retardant impregnation treatment for timber or plywood you may well have a requirement for Building Regulation compliance and the management of risk and liability.

Any fire retardant specification for timber involves 2 key considerations:

1. Which fire retardant treatment?

2. Which Euroclass?

Whilst in principle this may seem straight forward, the vast range of fire retardant products available on the market and the near limitless options regarding timber species and profle means a specifier needs to make informed choices to ensure that what is selected and specified is realistic and achievable in practice.


We offer a number of tools and resources to support your FR specification needs: