ATP Generic Treatment



ATP Generic is a unique water based fire retardant impregnation treatment which reduces smoke production in a fire situation.

ATP Generic water based fire retardant, is a unique high pressure impregnation treatment and has been specifically designed for use in INT1 dry interior situations. It is ideal for applications such as general temporary works including shop fitting and exhibition displays and Ministry of Defence projects.


ATP Generic treated timber is produced by Lonza Wood Protection at its specialist treatment centre, the ONLY fire retardant impregnation treatment company in the UK to hold full ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation, giving you assurance in terms of traceability and quality manufacturing processes.

Treatment lead times vary depending on the species of plywood to be treated and volume required - our Fire Retardant sales team can supply individual tailored quotes, technical advice and lead times to support treatment enquiries.


ATP Generic treated timber and plywood is fully kiln dried after treatment and its appearance remains largely unaltered. A few residual salts may be visible on the faces and edges that may need to be removed with a light sand or wipe over prior to installation.
ATP Generic treated plywood is supplied with stick marks on the main face as standard.

ATP Generic Credentials

  • ATP Generic has Warringtonfire B & C independent fire certification and is fully compliant with the most up-to-date European Fire Standard.
  • ATP Generic is non-corrosive to all metal fixings and fastenings
  • ATP Generic is approved for use by the Ministry of Defence
  • ATP Generic reduces smoke production in a fire situation
  • ATP Generic does not significantly affect the strength properties of the treated material
  • ATP Generic is a Wood Protection Association INT1, dry interior type formulation suitable for the end uses as specified above.


The ATP Generic Fire Retardant Treatment Guide is available to download as a pdf.