Lonza Wood Protection has been dedicated to the high quality fire retardant impregnation treatment of timber and plywood used widely in both the commercial and residential sectors in the UK and Europe for over 40 years. Our core ethos is to put long lasting fire protection deep inside the timber cells.

Timber provides endless design opportunities and has a wealth of environmental benefits. If you plan to specify a fire retardant impregnation treatment for timber or plywood you may well have a requirement for Building Regulation compliance and the management of risk and liability.


Any fire retardant specification for timber involves 2 key considerations:

1. Which fire retardant treatment?

2. Which Euroclass?


Whilst in principle this may seem straight forward, the vast range of fire retardant products available on the market and the near limitless options regarding timber species and profile means a specifier needs to make informed choices to ensure that what is selected and specified is realistic and achievable in practice.


We offer a number of tools and resources to support your FR specification needs:

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    Lonza Fire Treatment Options 
    Timber Selection →

   Impregnation vs Fire Coatings

   Teknos Drywood Decorative Coatings 
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Why Use Timber?

Timber - The architectural wonder material of the 21st Century


Timber is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available. It is versatile, naturally renewable, warm and beautiful. It is light in weight and yet strong with excellent load bearing and thermal properties.

Watch the video to find out why wood is the construction material of the future.





















Lonza Fire Treatment Options

NON-COM Exterior can upgrade timber to achieve either a Euroclass B or C fire protection to external timbers as required; typical end uses include exterior cladding, exposed timber structures & cedar shingles and shakes.

DRICON can upgrade Euroclass B or C fire protection to internal timbers as required; typical end uses include internal building timbers and lining material, internal timber cladding, internal staircases, scaffold boards, rail and transport industry projects.

NON-COM Exterior & DRICON specification clauses are listed in NBS Plus for use within NBS Building & NBS Create specification software. Alternatively, on request, we can supply template specification clause documents that contain our recommended wording for the correct specification of DRICON and NON-COM Exterior fire retardant treated timbers.

Our fire retardant treatable species list indicates all the timber options we can treat to either Euroclass B or Euroclass C as required and is available to download as a pdf. Before writing your fire retardant specification it is important to check that the timber species you wish to select is listed.








Timber Selection

As a specifier you may have either already decided to use
or are currently considering the use of timber for
your project.

Lonza can upgrade the fire performance of a wide portfolio
of timber species to Euroclass B or Euroclass C as required
by UK Building Regulations.

Careful consideration of different species characteristics at design stage will ensure the timber species selected meets project requirements.

Download our table of timber characteristics for more information.


Useful Resources

Further information relating to specific timber characteristics can also be found on the TRADA website.

For further information on timber cladding visit the TDCA website.

RIBA have a series of videos offering guidance to specifier's regarding both concept & technical design when using timber.

Video 1
'Timber Cladding: How Timber Cladding Can Meet your Project and Quality Objectives: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 1' provides guidance regarding timber slection & empahsies the importance of detailing to optimise timber performance through life of build.

Video 2
'Timber Cladding: Concept Design: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 2' covers choosing the right timber for cladding and selecting the right board dimensions and profile.


Video 3
'Timber Cladding: Technical Design: RIBA Plan of Work Stage 4' covers technical details for cavities, structural support and battens, technical details for installing timber cladding, fixing different styles of timber cladding, corner details and British Standards and Building Regulations.









Lonza Fire Retardant Impregnation treatments vs. Surface Applied FR Coatings

Lonza actively chooses to offer only high pressure impregnation fire treatments ensuring durable, maintenance free fire protection that goes deep within timber cells. Fire rated surface applied coatings are often perceived as a cheaper & quicker alternative but there are potential pitfalls to consider:


cLonza Impregnation treatmentsc

Surface Applied FR Coatings

Controlled factory application with full traceability YES ?
Deep penetration to all faces not just surface application to one face only (as is often the case with site applied fire rated coatings) YES ?
Long term cost effective - no maintenance costs through life of build YES ?
Proven durability in excess of 30 years – designed to last YES ?
Leaves a natural finish to the timber YES ?
Is Euroclass B fire Certification available specific to the individual timber or plywood species selected? YES ?
Assured risk management for client, specifier and contractor YES ?














RIBA Fire Retardant CPD

As part of our service we offer practical & technical support to architects regarding the specification of fire retardant treatments for timber & plywood.

One option available to your practice is our RIBA accredited CPD entitled:

‘Selection & Specification of Fire Retardant Impregnation Treatments for Timber & Plywood in Line with Current EU Legislation’.


For more information or to book a course, please contact Jacqui Hughes jacqui.hughes@lonza.com

To view content and to book through RIBA visit: https://www.ribacpd.com/showcase/october-2016/58/0/









Decorative Coatings Options for Lonza fire treated timbers

TEKNOS DRYWOOD FIRESTAIN is a water-based, decorative stain manufactured by Teknos and approved by Lonza for use on a variety DRICON interior treated timbers in a range of opaque & translucent colours. The coated system i.e. Dricon + Firestain has been 3rd party fire tested to ensure it delivers the required Euroclass B or Euroclass C fire performance as required.











Technical Support and Guidance

For technical support & guidance regarding timber species & fire treatment selection to support your project specification please contact Jacqui Hughes, Technical Sales Manager directly on +44 (0)7901 538351 or email jacqui.hughes@lonza.com. Alternatively you can use our Questions/Quotations form.

We strongly recommend that you contact us directly to discuss your specific project requirements to ensure that the timber species, section size, profile, timber length you wish to specify is in line with our recommendations to ensure a high quality fire treated product.









Fire Retardant Impregnation Treatments & Building Information Modelling

Level 2 BIM: A managed 3D environment held in separate discipline BIM ‘Tools’ with data attached.

•  A fire retardant impregnation treatment exists as a layered object within a BIM Model – no 3D form

•  Product properties are defined within a ‘Product Data Sheet’