Teknos Drywood Woodstain

A high performance and waterbased coating system - exclusively for use with NON-COM Exterior fire retardant treated larch cladding timbers.

NON-COM Exterior larch treated cladding, incorporating a tried, tested and proven fire protection, is renowned for its fire performance in external timber applications, without the need for a coating, delivering either a Euroclass C or B overall fire performance.

But what if you require a high performance decorative finish to complete your project?

Lonza Wood Protection now offers TEKNOS/DRYWOOD WOODSTAIN in a range of colours and finishes for use on NON-COM Exterior treated larch cladding timbers.


Colours available

Low film building, high performance, water based coating system, providing superb protection against UV degradation.

Optional 4 year coating performance warranty* which can be further extended with regular maintenance cycles. The product is not warrantied as standard - a warranty request must be specified.

Initially, vacuum application is required by an approved applicator. Professional factory application service details are available through Lonza Wood Protection.

Coating penetrates into the wood with excellent adhesion, building a thin film layer in two or more coats. The thin film layer allows the timber to breathe and prevents excessive dirt retention on the coating surface.

Coating weathers slowly and evenly over its surface and can be easily overcoated with minimum preparation.

Euroclass B or C NON-COM Exterior treated larch cladding timbers coated with TEKNOS/DRYWOOD WOODSTAIN will still deliver the assured fire protection required. 

*For full specification, maintenance, applicator details and warranty details please refer to the TEKNOS/DRYWOOD WOODSTAIN technical data sheet from Lonza Wood Protection

For further details contact Jacqui Hughes