Teknos Drywood Firestain

A low film building, high performance waterbased coating system - exclusively for use with DRICON fire retardant treated internal cladding timbers and plywoods.

DRICON treated claddings and plywood products, incorporating a tried, tested and proven fire protection, are renowned for their assured fire performance in interior building applications, delivering either a Euroclass C or B fire performance.

But what if you require a high performance decorative finish to complete your project?

Lonza Wood Protection now offers TEKNOS/DRYWOOD FIRESTAIN in a range of colours and finishes for use on DRICON interior treated timbers.


Colours available

Low film building, high performance, water based coating system, available in a range of opaque, semi-opaque and translucent colours.

Applied by vacuum coating, spraying, brush or roller onto clean DRICON fire retardant treated cladding or plywood surface. Professional factory application is recommended - available through Lonza Wood Protection.

Penetrates into the wood with excellent adhesion, building a thin film layer in two coats. The thin film layer allows the timber to breathe and prevents excessive dirt retention on the coating surface.

Easily re-applied with minimum preparation to maintain its appearance and the fire performance of the DRICON treated timbers.

TEKNOS/DRYWOOD FIRESTAIN has been fully tested to evidence that the coating maintains the Euroclass B or C fire performance achieved with the DRICON treatment.

*For full specification, maintenance and applicator details please refer to the TEKNOS/DRYWOOD FIRESTAIN technical data sheet from Lonza Wood Protection.

For further details contact Jacqui Hughes